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Ralph Nelson

3 Sites To Spot Up and Coming Stocks and Evergreen Gems

We all dream of being one of those early investors in a company like Apple or McDonalds. You put in $5,000 now and, in 20 or 30 years, your investment has turned you into a yacht-owner. The reality is that most of us won’t be able to strike gold on our investments in such a lavish fashion.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t diamonds in the rough out there. The question isn’t do they exist but how do I find them?

The age of internet information is a double-edged sword in this regard. There are thousands of new ways to learn information compared to the past, which means there are thousands of new ways to get scoops. But, just as you have the potential to learn about up-and-comers, so does everyone else with an internet connection.

That means that speed and savvy are more valuable than ever before. I’ve compiled a brief list of places to source information that can help you get ahead of the markets and the competition. With patience, smarts, and a bit of risk-taking, you can find your once-in-a-lifetime stock. 

1)  Fool

    Formerly known as The Motley Fool, this information super-site is all about getting ahead of the market. Whether you’re just getting started with investing, need to find a broker, or want to take on a next-level retirement plan, this is a one-stop shop.

    But what makes special is its monthly update of stocks to watch. From big names like Apple to obscure biopharma, The Motley Fool has you covered.

    Their “Best Buys Now” section chooses 10 sterling stocks that are simply must-haves out of hundreds of options.

    In case you need a bit of proof on how effective the Fool’s tips can be: they’ve outpaced the market’s growth by over 400% since 2002. Not bad if you ask me.

    2) Chaikin Analytics

    Marc Chaikin has been killing the stock game for decades, but his brainchild, Chaikin Analytics, is the premier location for quick and accurate stock analysis.

    Using their patented PowerGauge, Chaikin Analytics gives an easy-to-understand grade for any stock you might be curious. Their big data systems allows for a comprehensive look at past trends and a look at trends that are to come.

    No matter what sectors you’re interested in, the PowerGauge is the perfect way to know where you should put your money and where to avoid. Chaikin Analytics comes with plenty of bonuses—newsletters, webinars, and so much more—but its predictive power makes it one of a kind.

    3) Zacks

    Ready to go from player to slayer? Zacks is a great resource for those that would describe themselves as a trading expert.

    Their monthly updates on strong buys helps you move past the stocks that might be on the homepage of CNBC and dive deep into the world of professional investing.

    Their monthly “7 Best Strong Buys” is in particular worth paying attention to.

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