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Ralph Nelson

NEWSBREAK 4/30: In Its Second Quarter, Apple Did What It Does Best: Keeps Getting Better

Somehow, some way, Apple keeps on impressing and improving. Today, the company released its most recent quarterly report, which some are describing as a “blowout.” The gist is the kind of amazing report that feels almost standard for Apple: improved companywide sales by 54% compared to last year and put out significantly stronger profits than Wall Street expected. Apple rose as much as 4% today on the news.

But Apple’s good news doesn’t end there. Every single one of its product categories grew by double-digits and the iPhone, its platinum product, was up over 65% from last year, with Mac and iPads faring even better. The continued success of Apple’s vast product line is proof that their integrated ecosystem is working. If you have an iPhone, it’s simply easier to get another Apple product to complement it because of ease of use and efficiency.

Apple decided to reward its investors with more than just a strong earnings report. Apple also announced they would be increasing its dividend by 7% to $0.22 a share and authorized a whopping $90 billion in share buybacks, continuing their trend of increasing buyback numbers, up from last year’s $50 billion.

The motto at Apple seems to be keep improving and refining. While it’s been a while since Apple released a new, revolutionary product like the iPhone, it doesn’t seem to matter. Every year, they fine-tune or reinvent their products while bolstering them with access to things like Apple Music and Apple TV+. Additionally, Apple keeps finding ways to improve and refine its relationship with investors. It’s no wonder that, even if Apple is growing at a less flashy pace than some other tech companies, it remains one of the most respected investments on the market.

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