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Online Trading Is Changing For The Better. Here's How To Take Advantage.

When it comes to online trading, I owe a lot to Try2BFunded. After all, it was a huge reason why I was not only able to get my portfolio off the ground, but also why I was able to learn an amazing amount of information about the markets without putting up a serious amount of money. It also let me take home some serious cash every two weeks.

Now, Try2BFunded is evolving, as all things must, and I’m happy to report that it’s changing for the better. How, exactly? First off, it’s becoming more greatly integrated into the Score Priority ecosystem, now called the Score Priority Store. For a long time, the Score Priority Store has had a bunch of features spread across several platforms. Everything from deep dive analytics to social sites to educational resources.

But now, Score Priority Store has found a way to bundle them all together. What does that mean for people like me? It means better trading, less risk, and less time spent.

Instead of spending time prowling across the internet for various analytic and news resources, I can now go to one place. For me, personally, that’s reduced my time spent by as much as 40%.

I’m proud of the progress I made in terms of learning about the stock markets and the economy as a whole thanks in large part to Try2BFunded, but I’ll admit that there are some areas where I simply felt behind. Other traders had access to complex analytic tools—some of which I tried and found confusing—which let them make more informed decisions than I could.

But the Score Priority Store was incredibly helpful in flattening the playing field there. The new release of Chaikin Analytics helped me figure out which stocks were going to move before the market started trending that way. Additionally, Chaikin Analytics analyzed my portfolio to show me where my weak spots were and what I was missing out on. The effect was twofold: my risk was minimized dramatically by having someone else helping strengthen my portfolio and I didn’t have to do the busywork of these analyses myself anymore.

Compared to other stock analysis websites, Chaikin Analytics was also simply more affordable. The $25 a month I earned back almost right away. And, just like most of the offerings in the Score Priority Store suite, I was able to get a free two weeks upon signing up.

Score Priority Store has a great set of offerings currently, but the real reason I’m so on board is that they’re serious about building the suite further. Soon, I’ll be able to access industry-insider expert advice, advanced algorithms and a wide-reaching set of analytics that organizes complex information into straightforward charts and graphs. All in one place.

If you’re like me, the only thing more important than money is time. The combination of the two—more money and more time—means I have more to offer my family in every way imaginable. If that isn’t something worth working towards, I don’t know what is.

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