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Ralph Nelson

Boredom Can Be A Killer. Here’s How You Get Ahead Of It.

As winter approaches and things get just a little cozier, it’s important to remember that, while rest and relaxation are kindly, boredom can be a downright killer. This is particularly important now, after a year and a half of all of us being stuck at home more than we may have liked.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Stream Better Movies

I usually get burnt out on Netflix’s offerings after about thirty minutes of scrolling.

But when I heard of Kanopy I knew I’d found something good. Accessible through most public libraries, Kanopy is a streaming services that combines obscure foreign flicks, the freshest releases, documentaries on every subject, and all of the classics you could ever want. The best part? It’s free. That’s right, free.

2) Make Money

There are a million and one ways to make money on the internet, and I’d say about .0001% of them are legitimate. Unfortunately, I’ve tried more of them than I’d like to admit. After a few spectacular failures, I found Try2BFunded.

The reason I like Try2BFunded over all the rest is pretty straightforward: I learned a lot, and I made money. Two pretty good reasons to try something, if you ask me.

Here’s how it works: after signing up, I had to prove that I could invest consistently, without making too many mistakes consistently. After that, I was given access to $100,000 of Try2BFunded's money. Using their capital to invest, I got to take home 60% of the profits. Not bad.

If you’re thinking that you don’t know enough about investing to make money, I felt the same way. What I liked about Try2BFunded was that I was able to learn on the go. Because none of my money was at risk, I got to play around with different strategies. A free education, then money in my pocket.

3) Read More

I’ve seen a lot of people obsessing about reading “the great books” while they’re in quarantine. That’s great if you’re a big reader. But if you’re not super interested in literature it might not be the right time to jump into Ulysses.

Use Open Library to find free books and figure out what you want to be reading. Branch out from there. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that you’re a secret Civil War buff, or maybe you can read to learn a bit more about financial theory.

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