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Ralph Nelson

3 Expert Investors Who Are Actually Worth Listening To

Between cable news, shoddy publications and the internet, there are a million and one self-proclaimed investing experts out there. Many of whom, despite their big budgets and loud voices, should be all-but ignored.

Like sports, there’s a culture of entertainment that surrounds trading. It’s how big personalities get TV shows. Personally, I’m not against these types of traders. At least not in theory. I respect that they’re fun to watch. And that people should be able to do whatever they want with their time.

The danger is for people who aren’t familiar enough with trading to sniff out the fakes. If you conflate personality with professional, you’re asking for trouble. I feel that, particularly now, we need sources who we can turn to as the markets, and the economy as a whole, move through uncharted waters.

Which is why I decided to throw together a few of my favorite analysts and writers. The following list is in no particular order, as each trader/analyst has different strengths and weaknesses.

—Glenn Greene

Many of the best analysts have their specific sectors that they focus on. Like academia, it makes sense for specialization to happen.

When it comes to business, I trust Glenn Greene, managing director and senior analyst at Oppenheimer for over a decade, he’s specialized in covering business and IT service names. A longtime champion of Paypal, his bullish stance let for a tripled digit return on his “Buy” rating between 2017 and 2018. Paypal has continued to grow, with a 28% lift last year, which puts Greene on track for continued success with the online payment titan.

—Joseph Foresi

Joseph Foresi was officially the best trader of the last decade. Only one man can say that, and if that kind of success isn’t worth listening to, then I don’t know what is. Foresi has had a long career, dating back to 1998, in which he climbed the ladder from associate until he finally became managing director at Cantor Fitzgerald in 2011. In these last years, Foresi has an astounding 89% success rate. His golden goose? Square. By standing by Square, Foresi had a legendary run. He stands by that decision to this day, by the way. Maybe I should get down with his bullish take.

—Marc Chaikin

A consistent bullish optimist, I like Marc Chaikin for three main reasons. The first is that he combines what I was talking about in the opening paragraphs—an entertaining perspective with legitimate financial wisdom. With his credentials in TV, he’s magnetic. The second is that he has a solid take on stocks and is wary of over-valued companies. That’s particularly potent in a world of WeWorks. And, third, I love Marc Chaikin because he helps me make money. After signing up for Chaikin Analytics, I found that my portfolio was sharper than ever. Expert analytics combined with an impressively informative newsletter—it’s the total package.

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