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Ralph Nelson

3 Powerful Investing Tools Your Portfolio Needs

Whether your portfolio is in stellar shape or in the middle of a slump, you shouldn't ignore the potential of what it could be. There’s always another level to hit, new heights to find, and money to make.

So how does one get to that next level? The easiest way, I’ve found, is by utilizing some of the amazing investing tools out there. As with everything, it’s important to pick and choose what and how you’re going to utilize carefully. After all, there’s real money on the line.

I’ve cycled through a few investing tools—tools that require approaches both hands on and hands of—with minor and major success. Here are a few of my favorites, designed to help you get the most out of your investing, no matter what life throws your way.

  1. FeeX

You spend your life investing, skrimping and saving, and you end up losing tons of it to fees you never considered. This is not an uncommon American story. Our financial literacy is poor, and companies go out of their way to take advantage of their consumers.

FeeX steps in to let you know what kind of fees you’re paying and how to find alternatives. They’re experts in dealing with tricky compliance laws that confuse the average person. And they have a free analysis option to help you get started.

2) PowerGauge

Chaikin Analytics’ PowerGauge is an incredible, high-data stock analyzer and predictor. Described as “unbiased and unemotional,” the PowerGauge combines deep-dive algorithms with a straightforward interface to let you know if a stock is trending up or trending down.

By combining 20 different factors, the PowerGauge is all about directions: where will X stock be in 3 months, or 6? I’ve been impressed by the PowerGauge’s predictive power—not only has it helped me get ahead of some burgeoning stocks, it’s helped me bail out on some stocks that were heading towards catastrophe.

The PowerGauge is the centerpiece of the Chaikin Analytics roster. With the PowerGauge, subscribers get access to savvy newsletters, expert opinions, and unbeatable information amalgamations that keep you informed in minutes instead of hours.

3) Stockpile

I love Stockpile for two major reasons. The first being that I can easily buy fractions of a stock if it’s out of my price range, or if I don’t want to go all in. With some tech stocks climbing to astronomic costs, this is a great way of dipping your toes while avoiding the deep end.

Secondly, they offer gift cards. Now, a gift card is not a revolutionary product, but it is a great way to encourage people to start investing. Whether it’s my little cousin or my sister-in-law, I’m giving them a gift that keeps on giving. A couple of my Christmas Stockpile gifts have manifested into serious investing commitment.

These tools help me invest more wisely while feeling empowered, all for a low cost.

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