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Ralph Nelson

NEWSBREAK 4/2: Are Gamestop's Recent Moves Enough To Keep It Ablaze?

Now that we’re almost three full months into the Gamestop (GME) saga of 2021, two things are clear: many experts have been wrong, several times, about the stock’s value and this is no longer some novelty pump and dump.

Even after the stock sunk from a high of nearly $480 all the way down to $40, many retail investors held strong. With a slate of news releases--including Ryan Cohen, of Chewy fame, taking over Gamestop’s massive e-commerce push--the stock climbed back, to over $190 at the time of the writing of this article. It’s important to remember the scale of this: on January 1, 2021, Gamestop was worth $17.25 a share. Gamestop’s much-publicized story has brought in many new investors and had enough of a cultural impact that one Tokyo entrepreneur opened a tip-trading bar for young investors to swap ideas.

With Gamestop showing resilience, the question has shifted from “is this a flash in the pan” to “is the company making the right moves to keep up the momentum?” Certainly, the company is making moves that suggest its taking its new form seriously. From the aforementioned push to e-commerce over its longstanding position as the go-to brick and mortar video game shop to a series of recent executive changes, analysts and investors have reason to feel optimistic. Just this week, Gamestop announced they had nabbed a heavy-hitting exec from Amazon. (In the last two months, Gamestop has added 9 reputable executives from multiple big companies.)

Nonetheless, some analysts point to the company’s fundamentals as the reason that this boom isn’t sustainable. Not only does Gamestop have to compete in the e-commerce region with console makers including Xbox and Sony, the company has been close-lipped in its recent public interactions and many analysts have a price point closer to $50. That implies Gamestop will come back to earth, sooner or later. Now investors and hedge funds have to ask themselves: can Gamestop move quick enough to justify these high prices?

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