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Ralph Nelson

Forget The Advice You've Heard. This Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Investing.

There are a million and one ways people advise you to make money, but most of them are complete and total wastes of time.

And, ultimately, time itself is the difference maker between making fine money and making your money work for you. That’s a phrase you’ll hear thrown around a lot: putting your money to work, putting it in your employ.

But how, as a normal person, can one achieve that?

The first step is to remove as many barriers towards success as possible. The types of barriers I’m talking about are potentially endless.

The first major barrier: knowledge. Do you know enough about the stock market to become a player? Do you understand the intricacies of longterm trends, of micro and macro economics, of the potential ramifications of, for example, a new administration?

The second major barrier, mentioned above: time. Put simply, are you using your time well? Are you accruing knowledge quickly, or are you giving your precious time to wasted time—searching for answers in all the wrong places? Are you able to turn what you’ve learned into practice quick enough to actually make money?

The third serious barrier: organization. This one might sound trite, but trading and investing can be incredibly complicated procedures. Unless you’re wealthy enough to afford hiring an investment professional to do the work for you, or unless you’re comfortable being completely hands off with your money, it can be a lot.

From basic retirement portfolios to news reading to bond buying to investment portfolios to analyses and on and on and on. There’s so much information to balance, so much raw data, so many accounts.

Now, these barriers are only barriers if you let them be. For most people, they fall into the trap of accepting things as they are, wasting time, learning poorly, or investing without organization. And these barriers stop people from really finding success.

The question then becomes how do you get around these barriers?

Of course, like so many things with so many moving parts, there are plenty of ways to overcome these barriers. Perhaps too many, to be frank. It’s easy to get lost in partial solutions.

For me, there was ultimately only one solution that solved all the problems I was facing: using Chaikin Analytics and the Score Priority Store it was a part of.

Chaikin Analytics is an analytic and news program that gave me the info when and where I needed it—on my computer or on my iPhone. Its seamless interface and easy presentation of information made it so I could make the most of my time. And the tie-in of Chaikin Analytics to the entire Score Priority Store suite made organizing everything easier than ever before.

Now, I can bust barriers in one simple click.

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