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Ralph Nelson

Three of The Richest People In History (And Who Might Be Next)

There have always been titans of wealth: The Caesers, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, and on and on. But those historical figures earned their money by inheritance or conquest.

What’s more interesting are the wealthiest people from more modern times. Here’s a look at three interesting figures.

  1. Andrew Carnegie

If you don’t know the man, you know the name. A fervent philanthropist, the Scottish immigrant was worth an equivalent $372 billion and transformed the idea of what a businessman could accomplish. A steel titan, few influenced the industrial revolution like Carnegie.

2) John D. Rockefeller

Often these two are mentioned in the same breath. Where Carnegie was a steel man, Rockefeller was an oil baron, at one point owning 90% of American oil output. His net worth, in today’s terms was $342 billion, much of which he gave away.

3) Joseph Stalin

Here’s an odd one: Joseph Stalin’s personal wealth is obscure, both because he was a man of violent mystery and because he was a communist ruler. But the man had total control of or the ability to leverage the USSR’s wealth, which is equivalent to $7.5 trillion today. Stalin makes it where presidents don’t because of his totalitarian control of the Soviet union, top to bottom.

Elon Musk just passed the $200 billion thresh hold. Who will be the next giant to give these historical titans a literal run for their money?

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