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Ralph Nelson

The 3 Most Valuable Investing Newsletters

Time is the single most valuable resource on earth. More than oil, more than gold, more than buying Apple in the 80s, more than everything imaginable combined. Time, though it often feels otherwise, is unparalleled in its preciousness. It’s the only thing that cannot be redeemed or renewed.

Now, why, you may ask, am I waxing philosophic about very basic mortal questions? Well, I’ve been bothered by just how much time things involved with investing can take of late. If I’m not careful, I’ll end up wasting such precious time with my nose buried in the proverbial books.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with learning, but the plain fact is that other people have put in hours of their own time to save you time. That’s why I’ve rounded up the 3 best investing newsletters available, all designed to give you the right information regularly, on time, just when and where you need it. 

1) Chaikin Analytics

    Chaikin Analytics is one of the few information outlets out there that I can confidently say has something for everyone. Whether you like to learn via webinars, lectures, daily updates or through raw analytic numbers, Chaikin has you covered.

    But its newsletter is what keeps me coming back. Fusing hard-numbers and gut-opinions, breaking news has never felt more digestible or accommodating.

    Chaikin Analytics offers two newsletters, designed to keep you in-the-know whenever and wherever. Their weekly newsletter is filled with deeper analyses while their daily, morning-bite newsletter keeps you ahead of the game.

    I can say that Chaikin Analytics has helped me get ahead of a few stocks that were on the verge of going south. Chaikin is also plugged into the Score Priority Store ecosystem, which makes applying their information easy.

    2) Motley Fool Stock Advisor

    Motley Fool Stock Advisor is your go to for experts who can beat the market, year in, year out. The impressive crew at Motley Fool has found a way to beat the markets over and over, with numbers that would impress even the most bullish of analysts. Thus far this year, their picks are up 68% compared to the market’s 8%.

    Longer term, Motley Fool has performed strongly: their 96 stock picks from 2016-2019 are up an average 144%. Their newsletters come as part of a comprehensive information superhighway which Motley Fool has been perfecting for over a decade.

    3) Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

    The reason I love Kiplinger’s Personal Finance’s newsletter is because it goes beyond market investing and talks about how money affects your day-to-day life. From homeownership to buying a car to types of insurance, Kiplinger’s manages to turn investing into a practical discussion.

    With these three newsletters I feel I have just about every front covered. And instead of spending long nights reading in the wrong direction, I have time on my side again.

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