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Ralph Nelson

How This One Analytics Program Helped Me Play 40 Years of Catch Up

The only true form of knowledge is how little you actually know. Anyone claiming to be a know-it-all expert is a liar, a fool, Marc Chaikin, or Warren Buffet.

For the rest of us, the most valuable thing one can do is humble oneself. Acknowledge that, no matter how good you are at trading, there are simply many out there who know more than you ever will. They have years of experience, the power of highly-funded corporations behind them, or professional degrees. You may have some of that, or none of it. What you need is to close the gap.

As I’ve written about time and time again, there are many ways—too many, in fact—to gain information on investing, the economy and the markets.

But which will help you build a system that ends up earning you more money? Which is affordable, which is economic?

Which one helps you close the gap the best?

After sampling many programs, Chaikin Analytics is the one that checks all of the prerequisite boxes.

Why? Because it helps me feel like I’ve been trading for 40 years, just like Marc Chaikin.

Over four decades, he’s built a straightforward and comprehensive system on how to delineate stocks. Which are worth being bullish over, and which are being bearish over? This simple question is really the essence of all trading.

Using the Chaikin Power Gauge, you can easily rank stocks by their viability. This quick pamphlet explains exactly how things work, but Chaikin Analytics combines expert opinion with super-complex algorithms to discern a stock’s potential.

The analysis of a company’s financials, earnings, technicals and the perspectives of experts are all combined into one easy-to-read report, which lets you make the right decisions fast. It’s a system that’s been worked and reworked for 40 years.

Chaikin Analytics offers a system that will save you countless hours and dollars, but what makes it unparalleled for me is how much more you get from Chaikin Analytics than their fine-tuned rating system. Weekly newsletters, in-depth articles, one-minute market catch ups and so much more— Chaikin Analytics has a deep roster of experts who are able to provide the information you need, when you need it.

Now, nothing can make you or me Warren Buffet, but for $25 a month, Chaikin Analytics is helping me close the gap between what I don’t know and what I do know. While I’m certainly no trading novice, Chaikin Analytics is the perfect way for me to be constantly learning.

And with constant learning comes constant earning.

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